Access of ADI values on DailyBaseballData.com Weather Dashboard.

ADI (Air Density Index) is a proprietary value provided by baseballVMI.com. In order to access these daily values, you must have an active membership at baseballVMI.com. For information on this membership and to subscribe, please visit www.baseballvmi.com/members.

As a convenience to DailyBaseballData.com (DBD) users, ADI values can be accessed by baseballVMI members through the DBD weather dashboard. If you have an active membership, you can access these values by submitting (for authentication) the email address that you used to register at baseballVMI.com.

Membership email for baseballVMI.com:

If the email address submitted is verified as active, a cookie will be placed in this browser that should enable future access without additional authentication. If you attempt to access the data in another browser or if your cookies in this domain are deleted, authentication will again be required. If your browser does not accept cookies, you will need to resubmit authentication for each access.