Player stats for 12/19     (Final)
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A variety of display alternatives are available by including the following parameters in the query string:
IBB=1 Show intentional walks (IBB)
WP=1 Show wild pitches (WP)
PB=1 Show passed balls (PB)
LOB=1 Show runners left on base (LOB)
GIDP=1 Show grounded into double plays (GIDP)
HRA=1 Show home runs allowed (HRA)
pos=1 Show position(s) for each player in {}
date=mddRun for prior date (e.g. April 5: date=405 )
sort=pSort hitters by (starting) position
(all outfielders grouped together)
sort=poSort hitters by (starting) position
(LF, CF, RF shown separately)
out=csvProvide output as a comma delimeted file (for easy input to a spreadsheet.)
All stats except for batting order are included in this format by default.
To include batting order in the file, append &bo=1 to the end of the URL
Will produce stats for games on April 5, showing positions and HR allowed