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 ^1Acuña_Jr., Ronald    ATL v lad [F,3-7]    0/4
 ^7Adames, Willy        TAM v hou [F,4-7]    1/2 RBI 2B 2BB
 ^5Albies, Ozzie        ATL v lad [F,3-7]    0/4 2SO
 ^2Altuve, Jose         HOU @ tam [F,7-4]    2/3 2R RBI 2B 2BB CS
 ^2Arozarena, Randy     TAM v hou [F,4-7]    0/3 BB
 ^6Bellinger, Cody      LAD @ atl [F,7-3]    0/4 3SO
 ^1Betts, Mookie        LAD @ atl [F,7-3]    2/4 R RBI SO SB
 ^3Brantley, Michael    HOU @ tam [F,7-4]    2/4 R RBI BB 2SO
 ^5Bregman, Alex        HOU @ tam [F,7-4]    0/5 2SO
 ^1Brosseau, Mike       TAM v hou [F,4-7]    0/4 BB 3SO
   Camargo, Johan       ATL v lad [F,3-7]    0/1 BB SO
   Choi, Ji-Man         TAM v hou [F,4-7]    0/1 SO
 ^4Correa, Carlos       HOU @ tam [F,7-4]    3/5 RBI 2B 2SO
 ^4d'Arnaud, Travis     ATL v lad [F,3-7]    1/3 2RBI SO SF
 ^8Díaz, Aledmys        HOU @ tam [F,7-4]    2/3 R
 ^4Díaz, Yandy          TAM v hou [F,4-7]    0/2 BB SO
 ^2Freeman, Freddie     ATL v lad [F,3-7]    2/4 2R 2-2B SO
 ^7Gurriel, Yuli        HOU @ tam [F,7-4]    0/2 R 3BB
   Hernández, Kiké      LAD @ atl [F,7-3]    1/1
 ^5Lowe, Brandon        TAM v hou [F,4-7]    1/3 2R BB
 ^9Maldonado, Martín    HOU @ tam [F,7-4]    0/2 BB SO S
 ^6Margot, Manuel       TAM v hou [F,4-7]    2/4 2R 3RBI 2HR SO
 ^8Markakis, Nick       ATL v lad [F,3-7]    1/2 SO
   Meadows, Austin      TAM v hou [F,4-7]    0/1 SO
 ^4Muncy, Max           LAD @ atl [F,7-3]    0/3 R BB SO
 ^3Ozuna, Marcell       ATL v lad [F,3-7]    1/3 BB
 ^9Pache, Cristian      ATL v lad [F,3-7]    1/3 RBI
 ^8Pederson, Joc        LAD @ atl [F,7-3]    0/4 2SO
 ^7Pollock, AJ          LAD @ atl [F,7-3]    1/3 2SO
   Reddick, Josh        HOU @ tam [F,7-4]    0/2 SO
 ^3Renfroe, Hunter      TAM v hou [F,4-7]    1/3 2SO
 ^7Riley, Austin        ATL v lad [F,3-7]    1/4 2SO
   Ríos, Edwin          LAD @ atl [F,7-3]    0/1 SO
 ^2Seager, Corey        LAD @ atl [F,7-3]    2/4 2R 3RBI 2HR SO
 ^5Smith, Will          LAD @ atl [F,7-3]    1/4 R 3RBI HR SO
 ^1Springer, George     HOU @ tam [F,7-4]    1/4 R 2RBI BB 2SO
   Straw, Myles         HOU @ tam [F,7-4]   
 ^6Swanson, Dansby      ATL v lad [F,3-7]    0/3 R BB 2SO
 ^9Taylor, Chris        LAD @ atl [F,7-3]    1/3 R 2B SO
   Tsutsugo, Yoshi      TAM v hou [F,4-7]    1/1
 ^6Tucker, Kyle         HOU @ tam [F,7-4]    1/3 R 2RBI HR BB SO SF
 ^3Turner, Justin       LAD @ atl [F,7-3]    1/4 R 2B SO
 ^8Wendle, Joey         TAM v hou [F,4-7]    0/4 2SO
 ^9Zunino, Mike         TAM v hou [F,4-7]    0/3 2SO

 Starting Pitchers
 ^0May, Dustin          LAD @ atl [F,7-3]    2.0IP 3H 2R ER 2BB 3K
 ^0Minter, A.J.         ATL v lad [F,3-7]    3.0IP H 7K
 ^0Snell, Blake         TAM v hou [F,4-7]    4.0IP 3H 2R 2ER 4BB 4K Loss    
 ^0Valdez, Framber      HOU @ tam [F,7-4]    6.0IP 3H R ER 3BB 9K Win    

 Relief Pitchers
   Alvarado, José       TAM v hou [F,4-7]    0.2IP 3BB 2K
   Báez, Pedro          LAD @ atl [F,7-3]    1.0IP H 2K Hold    
   Castillo, Diego      TAM v hou [F,4-7]    1.0IP 3H 2R ER BB
   Curtiss, John        TAM v hou [F,4-7]    1.0IP K
   González, Victor     LAD @ atl [F,7-3]    1.0IP H R ER BB
   Graterol, Brusdar    LAD @ atl [F,7-3]    1.0IP K
   Greene, Shane        ATL v lad [F,3-7]    1.1IP 2H R ER Hold    
   Jansen, Kenley       LAD @ atl [F,7-3]    1.0IP 3K
   Javier, Cristian     HOU @ tam [F,7-4]    1.0IP H 2R 2ER BB 2K
   Kelly, Joe           LAD @ atl [F,7-3]    1.0IP 2H
   Loup, Aaron          TAM v hou [F,4-7]    0.2IP 2K
   Matzek, Tyler        ATL v lad [F,3-7]    1.1IP H R ER 2K
   McClanahan, Shane    TAM v hou [F,4-7]    1.2IP 5H 3R 3ER BB 2K
   Pressly, Ryan        HOU @ tam [F,7-4]    1.0IP H K Save    
   Scrubb, Andre        HOU @ tam [F,7-4]    0.2IP H R ER 2BB K
   Smith, Will          ATL v lad [F,3-7]    0.1IP H 2R 2ER BB BS Loss    
   Taylor, Blake        HOU @ tam [F,7-4]    0.1IP
   Tomlin, Josh         ATL v lad [F,3-7]    2.0IP H 2K
   Treinen, Blake       LAD @ atl [F,7-3]    2.0IP K Win    
   Webb, Jacob          ATL v lad [F,3-7]    1.0IP 3H 3R 3ER 3K

Active Hitters Not in Lineup   Culberson, Charlie ATL v lad [F,3-7]   Flowers, Tyler ATL v lad [F,3-7]   Sandoval, Pablo ATL v lad [F,3-7]   Garneau, Dustin HOU @ tam [F,7-4]   Stubbs, Garrett HOU @ tam [F,7-4]   Toro, Abraham HOU @ tam [F,7-4]   Barnes, Austin LAD @ atl [F,7-3]   Beaty, Matt LAD @ atl [F,7-3]   Kiermaier, Kevin TAM v hou [F,4-7]   Perez, Michael TAM v hou [F,4-7]

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