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Off the grid
Wed, 05 Aug 2020 (by RotoGuru)

My home and office neighborhood was hit hard by the tropical storm on Tuesday evening. I lost power, and also lost my internet connection. The local damage is severe enough that it's likely to take several days for power to be restored, and then I have no idea when internet service might be restored. So I'm relying on my cell phone for data connection at the moment. There is so much demand for cell data right now, that most of the day I'm unable to get anything through - not even email flows easily. I had to drive to a remote location just to find a cell signal ample to post this message.

So for the time being, my ability to do any troubleshooting is virtually nil. Fortunately, the server is in a remote location, and is unimpacted. But I'm not really able to connect with my server for the time being. Thanks for your patience.

Befuddling postponements
Wed, 29 Jul 2020 (by RotoGuru)

Some of my systems are a bit befuddled about some of today's postponements. In particular, the programs don't really know how to interpret schedules for the Orioles and Yankees - who each have a canceled game as well as a scheduled game against each other. I think it will all sort itself out, but you may see some unusual listings in some reporting formats. Deal with it.

Bullpen report enhancements
Sun, 26 Jul 2020 (by RotoGuru)

If you've pulled up the daily bullpen report this season, you may have noticed some changes from prior years.

First, all pitchers are now included, including starters. With many teams now using a reliever as an "opening pitcher", excluding starters created some anomalous omissions. So I avoided the issue by simply tracking all pitchers.

Also, the lookback period can now be expanded to 14 days. This option provides a deeper look at usage (and patterns) for all relievers.

Hopefully, these enhancements prove to be useful.

De-Glitching continues...
Fri, 24 Jul 2020 (by RotoGuru)

I've fixed a number of glitches in the past 24 hours, and I think everything is working as expected. Active links for all pages and reports can be found in the menu bar above.

If you see something that looks off, please say something.

2020 Master File
Thu, 23 Jul 2020 (by RotoGuru)

The 2020 Master file is up.
Here's the link:

A few notes:

  • For the first few days, the file may be updated late, and some info may be slow to populate. Hopefully, by the weekend, all data conduits will be fully activated.
  • The file will be free for the first few weeks. At some time in early August, subscription terms will be announced, and subscriptions will be offered.
  • Remember that each MLB season is offered under a separate subscription. Data for prior seasons can still be purchased. See this page for information in accessing master file data for prior seasons.

Looks like this is going to happen...
Wed, 22 Jul 2020 (by RotoGuru)

Daily Batter vs Pitcher reports are now active, and the Weather Dashboard now has forecast data for opening day (7/23). I hope to have a preliminary 2020 master file ready by the morning of July 23. Sortable Stats reporting is still inactive. Hopefully, those reports will also be up by opening day. Umpire and Bullpen reporting will not begin until Friday.

I rely on users to report apparent glitches in data or formatting. Several of you have already helped me identify and correct some minor issues. With any luck, eveything should be ship-shape by the weekend.

Dusting off the cobwebs
Tue, 14 Jul 2020 (by RotoGuru)

At this point, it looks like the MLB season will be starting on July 23. How long we go before the first interruption is anyone's guess, but at this point, I'm gearing up to provide the usual data and reports.

The schedule is out and posted. The rest of the pages should begin populating with data as we approach opening day. Don't expect to see much until July 22, but I'm hoping that most of the reporting should be available by July 23.

The master data file for 2020 will be free for the first few weeks before subscriptions are offered. I have not yet figured out the exact timing or price; stay tuned.

Schedule for reboot season has been released
Tue, 07 Jul 2020 (by RotoGuru)

The revised, 60-game MLB schedule is now available in spreadsheet format:

2020 Excel version of MLB schedule now available
Wed, 13 Nov 2019 (by RotoGuru)

Spreadsheet link:
Data source:

Into hibernation
Thu, 31 Oct 2019 (by RotoGuru)

After a very entertaining World Series, now goes into hibernation for the off-season. Thanks for your support during 2019. Hope to see you back in 2020.

Playoff data
Mon, 30 Sep 2019 (by RotoGuru) will continue to offer all usual reports and data throughout the MLB playoffs. Having said that, this blurb space will probably be much less active. With football and hoops both taking center stage, I don't think there's a need for blurbs.

Thanks for your continued presence!

Using Sabermetrics For Fantasy Baseball Part 16 - Interpreting Minor League Stats
Sat, 28 Sep 2019 (by contributed by

(Originally published 4/3/19)

Once you've grown accustomed to having advanced tools to help make fantasy decisions, it can feel disorientating to be without them. Prospects are increasingly becoming a focal point in both real and fantasy baseball, but the minors simply do not have all of the data available for MLB players. For example, advanced plate discipline stats, Pitch Info, and anything Statcast-related are all currently unavailable for minor league campaigns.

Does this mean we go back to looking at ERA and batting average as the only indicators of future performance? Of course not! Instead, we do our best to work with what we have. The process begins by looking at the environment. Higher levels of competition result in more accurate data, so you should start by excluding anything lower than Double-A if a player's track record allows it.

Here's how to effectively use this data to give you an edge in your fantasy baseball league throughout the season.

In Leagues Of Their Own

The first point to remember is that the baseline for certain predictive metrics is different on the farm. Mike Podhorzer of had an excellent article detailing the specifics in 2017. For example, Double-A hitters collectively posted a .306 BABIP that year, while their Triple-A counterparts managed a .317 figure. Both marks are significantly higher than MLB's .300 BABIP, making a performance that looks fluky actually league-average.

Another common sticking point is IFFB%. Double-A batters posted a ludicrous 21.6% IFFB% on their fly balls in 2017, while their Triple-A counterparts were only slightly better (20.8%). This leads many fantasy owners to conclude that EVERY minor league prospect has a massive pop-up problem, but this is not the case. The stat is calculated differently on the farm, and you need to halve it to get something approaching an MLB projection.

Like MLB, each minor league and ballpark also has its own unique quirks and tendencies. For example, the Pacific Coast League is a Triple-A league notorious for inflating offensive statistics. If you want minor league ballpark factors, Baseball America posted them for 2016 here. If you want three-year factors, posted them for AA and AAA for 2014-2016. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be any more recent data available, so keep their age in mind when using these numbers.

For PCL players, a batting line may look ...

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DraftKings Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks (9/27/19): MLB DFS Lineups
Fri, 27 Sep 2019 (by contributed by

Welcome to Friday baseball on DraftKings. We have a fun 14-game slate on our hands that we can boost our bankroll with before football rolls around this weekend. As for the slate, it's a fun one. There are a couple of elite pitchers that are in much better spots than the field, but we'll have to find some value to fit those guys in.

Let's dive right in!

In this article, I will be providing you with my daily fantasy baseball lineup picks for DraftKings on 9/27/19. The lineup picks will range from some of the elite players to mid-priced options and value plays. Be sure to also check out all the MLB Rosters for today's slate.

DraftKings DFS Starting Pitchers

Walker Buehler - LAD @ SF - $11,700
This will be the final regular-season outing for Walker Buehler, who will start one of the first two games in the playoffs. It’s a great match-up for him to start feeling himself before the playoffs, facing off with the lifeless Giants in spacious AT&T Park. They rank 25th in baseball at home against righties and strikeout close to 26%. Buehler is certainly better at home, but this ballpark and lineup seem like a perfect combo for seven clean innings and a win.

James Paxton - NYY @ TEX - $11,200
This is a slate I would advise paying up at pitcher. James Paxton is a bit cheaper than Buehler, but the upside is similar. The Rangers are absolutely terrible against lefties, ranking 28th in baseball and striking out a whopping 27% of the time. Paxton has looked great recently, going six-plus innings in three of the last four starts. If he’s spotting his secondary pitches, we could easily be looking at six or seven innings and double-digit strikeouts. This is a bit of a riskier play and Buehler is the go-to move in cash games.

DraftKings Infielders

. . .

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FanDuel MLB DFS Lineup Picks (9/26/19): Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice
Thu, 26 Sep 2019 (by contributed by

Welcome to Thursday baseball on FanDuel. We have a fun slate on our hands, though it's a small one. The Mets are still hosting the Marlins, so we have a lineup to pick on. There are also some other options to choose from, and we'll get to those. Felix Hernandez is the worst pitcher on this slate and we'll be picking on him plenty.

Let's dive right in and find a top play at each position!

Be sure to also check out all the Vegas Odds for today's slate.

FanDuel DFS Pitchers

Zack Wheeler - NYM vs. MIA - $10,500
The Mets are facing off with the Marlins for the fourth night in a row, and Jacon deGrom finally shut them down last night. He went seven clean innings and struck out seven before the bullpen gave up a few. Wheeler will look to double down tonight, after going seven innings in three straight outings. They were all against tougher opponents, so this should be a relative cake walk. Wheeler has struck out a batter per inning on the season and is walking just over two per nine innings. The price isn't too crazy on Wheeler here and he seems like a pretty easy cash game option.

Sean Manaea - OAK @ SEA - $9,800
Sean Manaea has been phenomenal since returning from injury, allowing just three runs in 24 innings of work while striking out 25. The Mariners aren't great against lefties, ranking 24th in baseball with a .304 wOBA and 25% strikeout rate. The ballpark is spacious and Manaea uses that to his advantage a ton. He's certainly a tournament play as Wheeler is the safe option, but he will be half as owned and the upside for seven innings and double-digit strikeouts is there.

FanDuel DFS Infielders

. . .

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DraftKings Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks (9/25/19): MLB DFS Lineups
Wed, 25 Sep 2019 (by contributed by

We have a nice 12-gamer on our hands tonight with plenty to look at. Without a game in Coors Field, we at least have some balance to things. There are four or five pitchers worth targeting and we'll have to narrow them down. There are another four or five offenses that are in great spots, and we'll have to dissect those as we move along.

Let's dive in to some of the top plays on this slate!

In this article, I will be providing you with my daily fantasy baseball lineup picks for DraftKings on 9/25/19. The lineup picks will range from some of the elite players to mid-priced options and value plays. Be sure to also check out all the MLB Rosters for today's slate.

DraftKings DFS Starting Pitchers

Jacob deGrom - NYM vs. MIA - $12,000
This is pretty easy. Jacob deGrom has been right up there with Gerrit Cole in the second half as the best pitcher in all of baseball. You can almost pencil in seven innings and as many strikeouts. He's striking out 11 batters per nine on the season and is walking just 1.96. He now draws the Marlins, who rank dead last in baseball against right-handed pitching with a .277 team wOBA. They got to Matz and Syndergaard a bit the last two nights, but the fun ends tonight when deGrom slams the door.

Frankie Montas - OAK @ LAA - $10,100
Frankie Montas is returning from suspension today, and is supposedly all the way stretched out. Montas was dominant prior to being suspended, and he wasn't on an HGH that would have lead to much performance enhancement. He draws the Angels today, who rank in the bottom five of baseball against righties without Mike Trout in the lineup. Montas has struck out 9.70 batters per nine and has posted a sub .2885 wOBA against both lefties and righties. The upside is huge and I doubt many will be on him in his first game back. He's certainly a bit risky, but the upside is huge if I'm right and there is no pitch count.

DraftKings Infielders

. . .

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