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Projected Home
Plate Umpires

Projected home plate umpires are updated daily at approximately 4:30am ET
Umpiring crews are usually not announced in advance of the first game of any series.

Date: 2020-08-08

Proj. HP Umpire
Cleveland at Chi. White SoxShane Livensparger
NY Yankees at Tampa BayHunter Wendelstedt
Detroit at PittsburghJansen Visconti
Houston at OaklandQuinn Wolcott
NY Yankees at Tampa BayVic Carapazza
Baltimore at WashingtonRyan Blakney
Atlanta at Philadelphia
LA Angels at TexasBill Miller
Minnesota at Kansas CityJose Navas
Cincinnati at MilwaukeeBen May
Miami at NY MetsChad Whitson
Toronto at BostonPaul Nauert
Arizona at San DiegoTom Woodring
Colorado at SeattleChris Guccione
San Francisco at LA DodgersLance Barrett

Date: 2020-08-09

Proj. HP Umpire
Baltimore at WashingtonLaz Diaz
Atlanta at Philadelphia
NY Yankees at Tampa BayJoe West
Miami at NY MetsMark Carlson
Toronto at BostonRyan Additon
Detroit at PittsburghBill Welke
Minnesota at Kansas CityJeff Nelson
Cincinnati at MilwaukeeErich Bacchus
LA Angels at TexasNate Tomlinson
Colorado at SeattleCory Blaser
Houston at OaklandNick Mahrley
Arizona at San DiegoMike Muchlinski
San Francisco at LA DodgersAdam Hamari
Atlanta at Philadelphia
Cleveland at Chi. White SoxJeremie Rehak

Date: 2020-08-10

Proj. HP Umpire
Atlanta at Philadelphia
Chi. White Sox at Detroit
Washington at NY Mets
Tampa Bay at Boston
Minnesota at Milwaukee
Pittsburgh at St. Louis
Arizona at Colorado
Seattle at Texas
San Francisco at Houston
San Diego at LA Dodgers
Oakland at LA Angels

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