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for Sun, Apr 02
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Air Density Index (ADI) data is provided by

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New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Rays 1:10 EDT - Tropicana Field         Air Density Index: 67  
Because Tropicana Field has a dome, weather details are not relevant. Air density is fairly stable and usually higher than the MLB season average of ADI 61 for all parks (Neeley Scale).
San Francisco Giants at Arizona Diamondbacks 1:10 PDT -         Air Density Index: 60  
  (Note: retractable roof may neutralize some weather conditions.)  
SW 10 mph
Time:8 pm9 pm10 pm11 pm12 am1 am2 am3 am4 am
Feels like:77°74°73°71°68°66°64°63°62°
Wind:SW 10 mphSW 7 mphWSW 5 mphWSW 7 mphW 6 mphWNW 6 mphNW 6 mphESE 5 mphESE 6 mph
Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Cardinals 7:35 CDT - Busch Stadium         Air Density Index: 66  
ESE 9 mph
Time:10 pm11 pm12 am1 am2 am3 am4 am5 am6 am
Feels like:61°59°58°57°57°57°57°57°57°
Condition:RainRainChance of RainRainChance of RainChance of RainChance of a ThunderstormChance of a ThunderstormOvercast
Wind:ESE 9 mphESE 7 mphE 8 mphE 8 mphE 8 mphE 10 mphE 9 mphE 9 mphESE 9 mph
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